Rockaholics4x4 Easter Fun

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Rockaholics4x4 Easter Fun

Postby Beefalobart » Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:01 am

The Rockaholics 4x4 club out of Charleston, SC is planning on having a Club Run to the Gulches on April 1-3. This will be our Easter Run and we will be having a few games to keep it exciting and fun. I figured I would share some of the fun in hopes others may want to try them.

Easter Egg Hunt: For each driver there will be 2 Easter Eggs hidden around the Park. As soon as a driver finds 2 eggs, they will return to the preset rally point. When all drivers return with thier eggs they will then get a chance to open them. Inside each of the little Plastic Easter Eggs will be a slip of paper with a number on it. A hat will hold the same numbers and they will be drawn for different prizes randomly. To keep it interesting each egg will be placed where they can be reached by driver or passenger and niether are permitted to exit the vehicle. The eggs will be on all level of trails to let everyone have a chance to get them. Our prizes range from custom decals, Parts, gift certificates and so on. Since our club is open to all who are active and in our surrounding area, and we do not charge membership fees. We all donate or split the cost on the prizes.

Hide & Seek: One person is tagged as IT, the rest will go out into the park and hide. To make it safe, the hidden vehicles cannot move and the IT driver must pull along side and touch any portion of the body of the vehicle. There are no prizes involved just something to do thats fun. After all we are just big kids with big toys, may as well have fun.

Clue Navigation: Markers are placed around the park and drivers must follow a set path in order to complete a puzzle. Each driver is given a clue which will lead them to the first marker. Once at the markers a new clue will be given with the location of the next marker. After 5-10 markers are found they must be combined to form a clue to the finish line. First driver to make it to the finish wins. This one takes some logistic planning to setup.

Does anyone have any ideas of other fun and safe games that can be played from the seat of a vehicle offroad? Im open to new ideas and allways looking for ways to enhance the fun.
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